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Simple Fixed Fees
We will give you a fixed price quote from the start.

The Conveyancing quote you receive is the Conveyancing fee you pay.

The price only changes if your instructions do. If, due to unforeseen circumstances additional work is required we will advise you of what is required and any additional fee that may be incurred.

We at Hatton Klein Solicitors are here to help you resolve your Conveyancing matter with sensitivity and confidentiality. We treat each case and each client as the individual they are and offer the same level of care and dedication to every single one.
Our friendly team will strive to explain your options in a simple, straightforward manner.

Our approachable team can advise and assist in a wide range of conveyancing issues, taking the care to give you honest, straightforward advice you can trust.

Let HKS Do The Work 

We do all the background work while you sit back and relax. 

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