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Spouse extension Leave to remain




After 2 and half years you are eligible to extend your stay in the UK as a spouse

What we will do for you

  • We will assess your application

  • We will prepare your application

  • We will enclose a professional legal representation letter

  • We will submit your application

  • We will submit your supporting documents to the Home Office

  • We will arrange your Biometrics enrolment appointment with the Home Office


  • We will for a decision from the Home Office

  • If your application is refused, we will prepare and submit a reconsideration application if required

  • If Approved, you will be granted a 30 months Visa which will complete your 5 years in UK on spouse settlement route

General requirements when applying for a Spouse extension Visa

  • You and your spouse must be 18 years old or over

  • UK partner must be present and settled in the UK ( British Citizen in the UK or hold Indefinite Leave to Remain status)

  • You must be legally married

  • You must intend to live together permanently

  • Your sponsoring partner must have enough income to support you and any dependents (without claiming public funds)

  • Your sponsoring partner must earn more than £18,600 annually or have enough savings to be able to sponsor you*

  • Your sponsoring partner must have suitable accommodation for you and any dependents

  • You must satisfy the English Language requirement at Level A1

  • *The minimum financial requirements is higher if your sponsoring partner is also sponsoring dependent children

  • *There are exemptions to the financial requirements that will allow you to bring your spouse to the UK if you are on certain public benefits. Please contact our offices for more details.

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